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The 合规 Aware Token® framework readily incorporates compliance functions within the token itself.

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    The 合规 Aware Token® framework enables issuers, their agents and intermediaries the ability to:

    • Easily build rule sets into a token for identity authentication and authorization, securities regulations, and transaction and liquidity requirements
    • Automate multi-jurisdictional compliance and risk-management functions, such as preventing fraud, enforcing holding periods, and applying trading volume and collateralization rules
    • Repeat and reuse rule sets to support compliance functions for digital asset creation and issuance
    • Audit rule sets to facilitate reporting on tokenized securities offerings

  • 好处

    • Identity 服务 – Authenticates investors based on flexible third-party credentialing systems including AML, KYC和KYB, via a highly scalable and open identity proofing platform
    • Attestation Registry – Enables risk-based authorization for investor transactions based on credentials
    • Policy Rules Engine – Provides real-time representation of cross jurisdictional, asset-specific policies so that compliance functions can be embedded in every transaction through smart contracts
    • 合规 Oracle – Enables tokens to reference encoded rules, ensuring that an asset may only be transacted in accordance with these rules

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