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存 Digital Assets is leading industry adoption of compliance-aware tokenized assets.

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    Asset managers, 银行, broker-dealers, wealth managers, and marketplace operators can tokenize assets using 存 Digital Assets’ solutions.

    Digital Asset Lifecycle: 新员工培训, 资本崛起, Pre-Trade Analysis and Appraisal, Trade Execution and Post-Trade and Capital Optimization

    存 Digital Assets is helping clients create and launch digital assets marketplaces that drive higher liquidity and grow new revenue streams. Its capabilities enable it to:

    • Tokenize assets such as equities, fixed income, funds, and more
    • Integrate with financial systems and blockchains
    • Embed compliance, identity, security, transaction, and liquidity rules into the tokens themselves
    • Customize workflows and analytics to automate the digital asset lifecycle
    • Provide account management and wallet services

  • 好处


    • Support shortened capital raise process via compliant tokenization
    • Expand market reach to new registered investors and distribution to other liquidity venues
    • Foster more liquid secondary markets
    • Integrate end-to-end asset lifecycle management including issue, cap table management, 定价, 和报告


    • Automate full asset lifecycle support 和报告
    • Integrate processes and approval workflows
    • Interoperate with blockchains and existing legacy systems


    • Easily onboard with a universal wallet for investment activities
    • Discover new assets and invest across jurisdictions and asset types
    • Rapid settlement of digital asset trading activities and peer-to-peer trading
    • Quick access to liquidity and convenient portfolio management

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